His Fodder Was A Mudder

Late in Mondays card at Saratoga, the rain began at the old course and there appears no let-up in the near future.  Saturday has the least chance of all day showers.  The forecast for Wednesday is rain and thunder storms.  So chances are pretty good that of the five turf races scheduled, four will be moved to dirt, and the weekly steeple chase (the first of the five turf races) will be cancelled and moved to another day.  Moving them off the turf is a safety precaution for both the riders and the animals.

That said, there will be a lot of scratches as horses who have raced on the grass aren’t apt to try dirt (for the first time perhaps) on a muddy track.  So for Wednesday DRF will not only be looking for value, but for ponies with a propensity to plod well in puddles.  We’ll skip the first race (Steeple Chase) and begin with race number two.  Also we’ll list our top four choices, lest one of the top three is a scratch.

2nd:  #5 ML 5-1.  #6 ML 3-1.  #3 ML 20-1.  #1 ML 8-5.

3rd:  #8 ML 15-1.  #9 ML 4-1.  #11 ML 8-1.  #6 ML 5-2.

4th:  #3 ML 6-1.  #2 ML 7-2.  #4 ML 3-1.  #1 ML 20-1.

5th:  #7 ML 8-1.  #10 ML 10-1.  #8 ML 6-1.  #6 ML 6-1.

6th:  #1 ML 6-1.  #3 ML 9-2.  #4 ML 7-2.  #6 ML 5-2.

7th:  #1 ML 4-1.  #2 ML 9-2.  #9 ML 20-1.  ##3 ML 6-1.

8th:  #8 ML 4-1.  #6 ML 15-1.  #7 ML 3-1.  #1 ML 5-2.

9th:  #1 ML 8-1.  #2 ML 3-1.  #3 ML 5-2.  #6 ML 8-5.

10th:  #7 ML 5-1.  #4 ML 8-1.  #9 ML 12-1.  #2 ML 5-2.

Well there you have them- DRF‘s picks for the rainy Wednesday card.  Best of luck, travel easy, and if you’re on the eastern seaboard, try and stay dry.


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