Six Days A Week

The racetrack at Saratoga is the only thoroughbred track in the country to run races six days a week.   To use track vernacular, Tuesday is the dark day- no racing.  In most of the races there are always big fields- 8-10 horses, which make for nice pay-days when the favorite fails to win.  Granted, the Monday, and Wednesday cards aren’t the most talent rich fields you will see at The Spa, but the crowds are manageable, and the atmosphere remains remarkable.

That said, here are DRB‘s picks for the Monday card.  Again, we’ll opt not to choose a lot of favorites, and there are liable to be race day scratches.  Good luck and enjoy your Monday- is that an oxymoron?

1st:  #7 ML 15-1.  #2 ML 8-1.  #3 ML 6-1.

2nd:  #9 ML 9-2.  #7 ML 7-2.  #5 ML 9-2.

3rd:  #4 ML 6-1.  #3 ML 2-1.  #6 ML 8-1.

4th:  #5 ML 8-1.  #3 ML 8-1.  #6 ML 12-1.

5th:  #6 ML 3-1.  #8 ML 5-1.  #4 ML 6-1.

6th:  #1 ML 5-1.  #3 ML 5-2.  #6 ML 7-2.

7th:  #7 ML 8-1.  #2 ML 5-1.  #1 ML 8-1.

8th:  #1 ML 9-2.  #6 ML 5-1.  #7 ML 5-2.

9th:  #1 ML 7-2.  #5 ML 8-1.  #10 ML 5-2.

There you have it.  By Saratoga standards a relatively small card of nine races.  If you play tomorrow best of luck, and be sure to stop back Tuesday night as DRB will flesh out Wednesday’s card, as the first full week of Saratoga gets underway.

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