A New York-based veterinarian is facing three felony charges related to drug adulteration, misbranding, and wire fraud conspiracies. These charges stem from allegedly injecting purported performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) into racehorses, trained by co-defendant Jason Servis. Servis allegedly drugged almost all the Thoroughbreds under his care in 2019. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Alexander Chan, who hid the billing of Servis for these treatments, cut a plea … Continue reading DOPE

Popular Horse Racing Phrases

Ours is a sport with a lexicon all its own. People unfamiliar with horse racing would be surprised to learn that some expressions still being used today have their origins based in the sport of kings. So, let’s get out of the gate and take a look at a sampling: ACROSS THE BOARD. Meaning pertaining to all categories or things, originated around 1903 as a … Continue reading Popular Horse Racing Phrases

Belated Birthday Greetings

The Daily Racing Blog wishes the incomparable Johnny Velazquez a belated Happy Birthday. The Hall Of Fame jockey celebrated his 51st lap around the solar track yesterday (Thanksgiving). A native of Puerto Rico, Johnny V as he’s affectionately known, is Thoroughbred racing’s all-time leading money Winning jockey, with career purse earnings of more than $446 million from 6,357 Wins.  A Winner of three Kentucky Derbies, Velazquez has Won … Continue reading Belated Birthday Greetings

Horse Gratitude

Thursday is Thanksgiving in America. A day to gather with family and friends, to enjoy each others company while being grateful for the opportunity to do so. As horse loving people it’s a good time to reflect on the sport and the equine athletes that draw us to the flame. Explaining the fundamental magic of horses is a large undertaking. But here are some folks … Continue reading Horse Gratitude

New NYRA Announcers

The 12th and final race of the card, on the last day of racing at Saratoga this summer was also the last call at The Spa for track announcer John Imbriale. Imbriale will retire as NYRA’s full-time track announcer at the end of 2022. While he will step away from the microphone at Saratoga Race Course and Aqueduct Racetrack, Imbriale will continue to serve as … Continue reading New NYRA Announcers

Mr. Bill Mott

As teenagers, some/most youngsters tend to think the world is their oyster. Not so for Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott. He did not dream big as a youth. “I was 18 years old and hauling horses around in a two-horse trailer to the bush tracks,” recalled the native of Mobridge, South Dakota. “I never imagined training for anybody else other than myself.” As the son of a Veteran, … Continue reading Mr. Bill Mott

The Kid Is 62

Monday we wrote about the racing rivals, today The rider. Over four decades (can that be right?) removed from his sensational jockey career, Steve Cauthen lives the life of a typical Thoroughbred insider in his hometown of Verona in Northern Kentucky. Best known for capturing the 1978 Triple Crown aboard AFFIRMED, Cauthen had established himself as a potential superstar in his first full year as a jockey in 1977.  He was … Continue reading The Kid Is 62


There are lots of so-called rivalries in sports.  But there are few whose status lives on and can stand up to the test of time.  It is one small three letter word that is the barometer for these athletic battles that grow more legendary with each passing generation.  That word? AND.  It’s just that simple.  Whenever you cannot name one participant without the reflexive action … Continue reading AFFIRMED & ALYDAR

Decorated Veteran

Veterans Day (originally known as Armistice Day) is observed annually on November 11th to honor military veterans.  Perhaps the most largely unrecognized, and sometimes altogether forgotten veterans are the horses that served alongside the soldiers. Throughout the United States’ military history, the horse played an indispensable role. In wartime, the horse was used to transport cavalry troops, supplies, and artillery weapons as well as for charges, scouting, … Continue reading Decorated Veteran