A New York-based veterinarian is facing three felony charges related to drug adulteration, misbranding, and wire fraud conspiracies.

These charges stem from allegedly injecting purported performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) into racehorses, trained by co-defendant Jason Servis.

Servis allegedly drugged almost all the Thoroughbreds under his care in 2019.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Alexander Chan, who hid the billing of Servis for these treatments, cut a plea bargain with the government on Monday.

Chan’s deal involved waiving indictment and pleading guilty to a single superseding information charge of drug adulteration and misbranding in exchange for the other charges against him being dropped.

This is a format that is similar in substance to deals that other convicted defendants in the wide-ranging doping conspiracy case have agreed to with government prosecutors rather than face a trial by jury.

Chan had intimated his intention to plead guilty last week, when he asked for and was swiftly granted a December 5th change-of-plea hearing in United States District Court (Southern District of New York).

That decision appeared to have left Servis- the most notoriously prominent defendant awaiting a trial or sentencing in the 2020 racehorse doping conspiracy scandal, as the lone remaining high-profile defendant in the case set to go to trial as scheduled January 9th.

But there was some scuttlebutt on Friday that Servis is also seeking a plea deal to adjudicate his own trio of felony drug misbranding and conspiracy to commit fraud charges.

There was no update on the court docket with regard to Servis’s case status as of late Monday afternoon.

As part of Chan’s plea deal, he will also have to pay the feds a forfeiture of $311,760 dollars.

The money judgment represents the value of “any and all drugs that were adulterated or misbranded when introduced into or while in interstate commerce or while held for sale…” according to court documents filed December 5th.

Chan’s sentencing will be April 13th.

For whom the bell tolls Jason Servis, it tolls for thee.

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