Why We Love Horse Racing

If you follow the Daily Racing Blog, you are likely already a racing fan, or are fast becoming one, and are quickly on your way to loving the sport.

While there are thousands of different reasons why people love the actual sport of horse racing, there are a million reasons they love the equine athletes that make it all possible.

Why do we love the equine?  Let us count the ways:

1) Their Heart:  Horses give their all to humans.  They have so much try and so much heart.  They always aim to please, even if it scares them.  They are so sensitive, kind, and provide a kindred spirit. 

2) They’re Good Therapy:  If you’re having a bad day, just petting a track pony or walking into a horse’s stall and giving him a hug changes everything.  The therapy horses provide just by being there to listen is another reason to love them.

3) They Give Us Peace:  Horses live in the moment and often force those around them to as well.  A Horses’ even keel attitude toward both the bad and the good remind us to take everything as it comes and realize that everything has its moment.

4) How They Act:  A horse who can be fierce on the racetrack can also beg for pats on the head back in the barn.  Their changes in behavior from game day to relaxing at home provide the perfect mix for those who spend time around them.

5) They’re Good Teachers:  Not only do horses teach you how to ride, they also teach you how to be a decent human.  From learning the responsibility that comes from taking care of horses to building empathy, there are many valuable lessons we receive from our equine friends.

6) The Way They Move:  It doesn’t matter what a horse is doing, they look majestic doing it.  Even something as simple as enjoying the pleasure of a roll or strolling leisurely around the pasture is poetry in motion for many people.

7) Horses Are In Our Blood:  From their listening skills to their behavior, horses just know how to connect with people and have for thousands of years.

8) They Challenge You, But Also Work With You:  You have to earn a horse’s trust – but once you do, you have it forever.  While they aren’t always easy to work with, the journey you take with them is well worth it.

9) They’re the Embodiment of Good:  In a world where bad headlines reign, horses are the definition of what it means to be good.  They are kind and gentle and willing to follow humans to the ends of the Earth if that’s what it takes to make us happy.

10) Their Personalities:  Every horse’s personality is different, and seeing that shine on the track or in the barn is a big reason people love horses. 

From the dancing skills of ZENYATTA to the kindness of AMERICAN PHAROAH, getting to know the quirks of individual horses (even if it is just through watching them race) adds joy to peoples’ lives.

Winston Churchill once said: “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man.” We agree.

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