Enjoy The Final Days Of Saratoga

The Daily Racing Blog has, for the most part, felt that Labor Day is synonymous with the end of the Saratoga Summer.

Monday is Labor Day– the last day, the last race, the last push as the horses drive down the home stretch.

The last flash of the tote board, and knowing that MTP now stands for Months To Post.

A lump is present in your throat, and a void in your heart as you pass along Union Avenue knowing that while school is back in session, the playground is closed.

Separation anxiety begets the blues as one wonders where did the time go (see summer) since track announcer John Imbriale bellowed They’re off at Saratoga! back on July 14th.

But in order for anything to be special, it has to have an end – a very definitive end. You have a date, you have a time frame- after that, you wait until next year.

Jimmy Buffett has a song titled; I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever. So with a bit of creative license and apologies to Jimmy- the final verse:

I wish the Spa could last forever. Make the whole day a first time love affair. We’ll begin with a kiss, such a warm place to start. Let me into your life, let me into your heart. Mea culpa mea culpa Saratoga’s in the air.

Yes, there is the Breeders’ Cup, and Triple Crown season, but still, the next 10.5 months (until opening day) will feel oh-so long, but bear in mind years, seemingly, feel short.

So buck up, Saratoga will be open again in a lot of long days, and a very short year.

Enjoy the last five days of the best racing in the world.

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