Sports Gambling App A Go In NYS

All bets are on.

The New York State Gaming Commission has greenlighted mobile and online sports betting across the state beginning Saturday morning.

On Thursday the NYS Gaming Commission announced that four licensed Mobile Sports Wagering Operators – Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Rush Street Interactive – have satisfied all statutory and regulatory requirements necessary to accept and process mobile sports wagering activity and have been approved to commence operations.

In regard to the Sport Of Kings a NYS regulatory agency is making its position crystal clear: There will be no wagering on horse racing on new mobile platforms that offer sports wagering when they come online.

That said, the New York Racing Association still believes there will be opportunities to update those rules to where the coming mobile platforms that offer sports betting could include horse racing.

It’s important to note that whatever the outcome, the rules don’t affect traditional advance-deposit wagering mobile platforms like NYRA Bets

But as the new sports betting platforms enter the picture in the state, NYRA would like to see racing included on those sites and believes the sport will miss an opportunity to market the sport to new players if racing is not side by side with other sports on those platforms. 

The horse racing industry is concerned that the state’s plan, as of now, will end up requiring multiple apps for bettors who want to place wagers on horse racing and other sporting events instead of a more convenient, one-app system for all kinds of wagers, including horse racing.

The industry has financial worries about facing deep-pocketed new competition while being cut out from selling its premium races to those sports betting platforms.

Said NYRA spokesman Patrick McKenna: “Allowing horse racing content and wagering to coexist within the mobile sports marketplace would grow the sport in New York, deepen the industry’s economic impact and create jobs,”.

We shall see.

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