Play A Pick 4

We here at The Daily Racing Blog are always referring to multi-race wagers (Pick 3, 4 and 5), and while it is second nature to us, we realize that it may not be with every person that reads our blog.

That said, we are going to give you a practical application for a Pick 4 on the Saturday card at Woodbine.

We chose Woodbine because the minimum wager for a Pick 4 there is .20 cents. So you can dip a toe into the wonderful world of multi-race wagering without going bankrupt.

Remember, in order to Win a Pick 4 you must correctly pick the Winner of four consecutive races, think of it as a horse racing parlay.

But you can choose as many horses as you like in each leg of the series, depending on your budget- as more horses cost more money.

The early Pick 4 at Woodbine begins with race number four. Here then, we give you our top three picks in order of preference, with a fourth choice as well, in case any of the first three scratch.

4th. Claiming Race, 7 Furlongs: #7 OCELOT [ML 7-1] #11 GLORIOUS TRIBUTE [ML 9-2] #1 RON’S GIZMO [ML 8-1] #12 SPEED WAY [ML 7-2]

5th. Maiden Special Weight, 7 Furlongs: #11 VIVID VIXEN [ML 15-1] #6 ENGLISH SHIRL [ML 20-1] #3 TWISTER ALERT [ML 4-1] #1 FASCINATION [ML 5-2]

6th. Maiden Special Weight, 7 Furlongs: #12 STRONGER TOGETHER [ML 3-1] #6 MIDNIGHT ARKLE [ML 5-1] #14 GOLDEN GLIDER [ML 6-1] #7 SCOOT DADDY [ML 8-1]

7th. Allowance Race, 7Furlongs: #6 TALE OF MINESHAFT [ML10-1] #8 EXECTUTIVE SEARCH [ML5-2] #5 SOUPER WATSON [ML6-1] #10 BREAKING ALONE [ML7-2]

Those are our choices for races 4 through 7. So assuming there are no scratches we will use our first three choices in each race for the Pick 4 wager.

So the Pick 4 ticket, beginning in the 4th race, should read: 1-7-11 w 3-6-11 w 6-12-14 w 5-6-8, lest any scratches, then replace the scratched horse with our fourth choice.

The cost of this particular ticket will be; 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81 x .20 = $16.20. Not a lot of outlay for a chance at Pick 4 glory.

Best of luck no matter how you play it.

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