Why Not Give It A Go ?

There was not a unique Winning ticket in Friday’s Rainbow 6 at Pimlico Race Course.

That means that Saturday’s jackpot will likely be worth 1.5 million dollars…or higher !

Similar to when multi-state lotteries grow to large amounts, more people will take a shot at the jackpot- even the casual gambler.

Not sure how to play ? Here’s a quick overview.

As the name suggests, the Pick 6 involves picking the Winners of six consecutive races. That means the bettor needs to correctly predict the Winner of all six legs of the wager.

The Pick 6 is usually the last six races on the card. Saturday at Pimlico races 4 through 9 will constitute their Pick Six.

To Win, the bettor must get every pick correct. If just one of your selections finishes in 2nd place or worse, the bet is lost. The Pick 6 only pays if the bettor nails every single pick.

Pick 6 Strategies. People have been trying to figure out how to beat the Pick 6 for years, with varied degrees of success. The good news is that you will only have to hit one really big ticket, then you could theoretically retire with your Winnings.

Playing the Pick 6 can get expensive, fast. A common method of playing the Pick 6 is to key one or more horses on your ticket. Keying a horse means that you try to find the best horse in one or more legs of the Pick 6 and go with that horse as a single in that race.

An example of a Pick 6 ticket might look like this: 1st Race #2-3-5-7 / 2nd Race #7 / 3rd Race #1 4-5-8 / 4th Race #2-5 / 5th Race #1-3-4 / 6th Race #4-9-10.

This wager would be keying horse #7 in the 2nd Race, while using only horses #2-5 in the 4th. Then multiple horses were used in the other legs of the Pick 6.

The above ticket would cost $57.60 for a .20 cent wager. To figure the price of any ticket in a Pick Six just multiple the legs of the wager. For instance in the example; 4 x 1 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 3.

You can add as many horses as you’d like to any one leg in the wager, but the cost will rise exponentially when you do so.

The Pick 6 is the King of high-paying horse racing bets. It is one of the longest of long-shot wagers, but its payouts can issue life-changing amounts of money.

Best of luck if you give it a go.

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