Mid-Week Trivia

Here’s a little racing quiz that will help keep your thoroughbred mind sharp as you’re being quarantined, and going through Kentucky Derby withdrawal.

Answers appear at the end…no peaking.

1. Who is the last filly to Win a Triple Crown race?

2. What was the first race to offer a purse of $1 million in North America?

3. Which horse holds the speed record in all three Triple Crown races?

4. Who is the only female jockey to Win a Triple Crown race?

5. Of the three Triple Crown races – the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes – which one is the oldest?


Daily Racing Blog readers, we are well into our 4th-5th (?) week of self-imposed lock-down, and while we wrote the following a few weeks back, we feel it bears repeating:

We wish all of you a safe trip in these troubled times, and remind you that this isn’t a one-turn, five furlong sprint.  But rather a Steeplechase, with a greater distance to travel, and obstacles to overcome before we can get to the Finish Line and claim Victory.  So stay the course, and down the road, when the time is right, we’ll have a big celebration in the Winners Circle.


1. RACHEL ALEXANDRA, who captured the Preakness Stakes in 2009.

2. The inaugural Arlington Million, Won by JOHN HENRY in 1981.

3. SECRETARIAT, who stormed the Triple Crown in 1973.

4. Julie Krone, who Won the 1993 Belmont Stakes aboard COLONIAL AFFAIR.

5. The Belmont Stakes is the oldest and was first run in 1867. The Preakness Stakes was first run in 1873, and the Kentucky Derby in 1875.

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