Horse Knowledge & Sense

Monday, Fun-Day.  Test your general horse racing knowledge with this quick quiz on The Sport Of Kings.

1.  What is the name of the area where horses and jockeys prepare for each race? 

A.  Saddling Circle

B.  Paddock

C.  Jock Walk

2.  What’s the name of the area in front of the grandstand where fans watch races? 

A.  Apron

B.  Smock

C.  Bonnet

3.  What’s another name for the mutual clerks who take bets?

A.  Banker

B.  Agent

C.  Teller

4.  What is the name of the area on the inside of the racetrack oval?

A.  Inmost

B.  Infield

C.  Interior

5.  What’s the term for the horse that escorts Thoroughbreds to the starting gate?

A.  Lead Pony

B.  Helper Horse

C.  Accompony

6.  What racing term means an eighth of a mile?

A.  Length

B.  Fathom

C.  Furlong

We hope you enjoyed this little refresher course.  On Wednesday the Daily Racing Blog will begin to take a look at this weeks big Kentucky Derby prep race- The Rebel Stakes which is run at Oaklawn Park on Saturday.  So stop back.

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