Thoroughbred Fun Facts

Happy (out of the gate) Monday from the Daily Racing Blog.  Here are a few morsels of equine trivia to help you along to Post Time on Friday.

Average height of a racehorse: 16.1 hands at withers (1 hand = 4 inches)

Average weight of a racehorse: 1,000 pounds

Average speed of a racehorse: 40 mph

Colors of horses recognized by The Jockey Club:

  • Bay
  • Dark Bay/Brown
  • Black
  • Chestnut
  • Gray/Roan
  • White

First Kentucky Derby Winner: ARISTIDES (colt), 1875

First Preakness Stakes Winner: SURVIVOR (colt), 1873

First Belmont Stakes Winner: RUTHLESS (filly), 1867

First Triple Crown Winner: SIR BARTON (colt), 1919

Most Recent Triple Crown winner: AMERICAN PHAROAH, 2015

All Thoroughbreds in North America celebrate their birthday on January 1st, regardless of the month they were born in that calendar year.

The favorite Wins approximately 33% of all races.

More than $12 billion is wagered on Thoroughbred racing in North America annually, and that ain’t hay.


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