Breeders’ Cup Cocktails

The Breeders’ Cup is one of Thoroughbred horse racing’s most prestigious international events.  So it deserves a signature drink (or two) as much as the Triple Crown races that precede it.

Last Friday the Breeders’ Cup Committee announced with much fanfare the launch of the Breeders’ Cup Official Cocktails, two signature beverages created in partnership with iconic New York City establishment ‘21’ Club.

These cocktails are set to be served on site at the 2019 Breeders’ Cup World Championships on November 1st and 2nd at Santa Anita Park.

The Official Cocktails are called the Torrie Cup and the Garland, each named for a symbolic element of the Breeders’ Cup.  Both recipes require ingredients that are easy to acquire and instructions that are simple to follow, so that the drinks can also be prepared at home.

“In addition to showcasing the highest levels of Thoroughbred racing, Breeders’ Cup has long been known as a premier lifestyle and entertainment event and we’re excited to launch these Official Cocktails as yet another opportunity for fans to engage with and enjoy the event, whether with us on site or watching from home,” said Craig Fravel, president and CEO of Breeders’ Cup.

To accommodate the varied palates and preferences of Breeders’ Cup fans the cocktails feature different liquor bases – one with bourbon and the other with vodka.

The Torrie Cup is bourbon-based, which is mixed with sweet vermouth, orange juice and lemonade and garnished with a lemon wheel.  It offers a crisp and tangy taste.

The Garland is vodka-based, and has a smooth, sweet finish, combining triple sec, honey green tea, lemon juice and is garnished with an edible purple flower, a nod to the signature color of the Breeders’ Cup.

Mark Tubridy, the mixologist at ’21’ Club who conceived these concoctions:  “The Breeders’ Cup is looked at with great reverence among the horse racing community and they truly deserve to have signature drinks that can be enjoyed by fans both in the stands and in the comfort of their own homes.  Simple, yet delicious, these drinks were inspired by and embody the traditions of the Breeders’ Cup and it is our hope that they become a new and enduring part of that tradition for many years to come.”

The Daily Racing Blog appreciates your sentiment Mark, and we will no doubt try both of these cocktails over the course of BC weekend. However, the Official Drink of DRB (and staff) is also quite simple, traditional and delicious.  And it requires just two ingredients: ice and a nice bourbon.  Yes, we count ice as an ingredient.

Cheers !



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