Finding Value

It’s no secret that the Daily Racing Blog is always on the hunt for VALUE within any given race.  If there is none to be found we usually take a pass on that race or use the ‘sure thing’ Winner as part of a multiple race wager (pick 3 or pick 4) and look for a horse with a decent price in the other races.

But how do you find the long-shots you ask?  Listed below are just a few angles DRB uses in order to find the diamonds in the rough.

♦ First-Time Starters in a Maiden races are hard to quantify.  But they can lead to large returns if you pay attention to important factors such as key trainers and the right breeding angle.  If such a horse is ignored by the betting public, and shows good, recent workouts, he/she is worth a Wager.

♦ A change in equipment, such as blinkers off, or blinkers added is always noteworthy, as well as first-time Lasix, which can signal it’s go time.  Especially if the price is right.

♦ Horses that suddenly reverse form and improve no matter the reason, should be considered.  If a thoroughbred drops in class, most likely the horse will be bet.  But if the thoroughbred steps up a bit in class, that may produce real value.

♦ Check out horses that are ignored on the tote board because the contenders in the field look stronger.  Thoroughbreds who know how to win often defeat so-called speedier rivals.

♦ Wager on horses to Win and Place that consistently score at big odds, especially if the favorite appears vulnerable.

♦ If a long-shot stands on its own merits as a likely contender at generous odds, why not  bet the horse to Win and key the selection in exotic bets.

♦ Before taking any wagering plunge, figure out why the long-shot is so appealing.  Consider the scenario and why the top contenders could come up short.

♦ Wager intelligently and tailor your bet to the most opportunistic situation.  Bet small if  the race is confusing and don’t open your wallet if you don’t have an opinion.

We hope you found this info helpful, and that you have an opportunity to put it to the test in the near future.  Speaking of the near future, be sure to stop back at DRB on Wednesday, as we will start to preview this weeks KD Prep-Race, the Risen Star which takes place Saturday at The Fairgrounds.



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