For The Love Of Horse Racing

We here at The Daily Racing Blog love horses, and horse racing.  If you do too, that means we are attached at the heart.  Certainly there are those among us who cannot be bothered to interact with the public, or even within their group.  That’s fine by us, the horse racing nation is large enough that malcontents need not apply.  But the majority of people (and horses) we’ve met in this sport are as enthralled by the mighty, magnificent, equine as we are.  They recognize a kindred spirit, and once introduced, are eager to exchange ideas, thoughts and gripes.

DRB loves this sport because we’re crazy about horses.  We’re crazy about the human connections that that make it happen- jockeys, trainers, and owners.  Nothing makes us happier than fans who go nuts every time a horse thunders home to victory.  We are part of a community, a cultural phenomenon that is not seen in any other sport in the world.

In this community we don’t have labor strife, we have festivals.  We don’t celebrate mere human achievement, we rejoice when a jockey and a horse moving as one cohesive unit, pound past our throbbing hearts and paralyze us with the pure joy of it all.

Another reason DRB loves horse racing is that we have the most approachable stars of any athletic endeavor, and yet their accessibility does not diminish the shine on their star.  Pity the fans of the football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, for they will never be able to reach out and pet their favorite player on the nose.

For those not on board, take a closer at what our community has to offer.  This is a sport in which abject, absolute, love and devotion is rewarded many times over to those that come under the alluring spell of the horse.  Feel free to join in, we welcome you to the family.  To the horse lovers- welcome home.

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