The Derby Can Be Very Profitable

Year in and year out, there is no better Wagering opportunity then the Kentucky Derby. In a 20-horse field, recent Grade 1 Winners can get away at double-digit odds, and exotic payoffs are often through the roof.

Even with TIZ THE LAW looming as one of the heaviest Derby favorites in recent memory, endless money-making possibilities exist.

Recently the best horses have found ways to win the Derby. Last year if MAXIMUM SECURITY would have been left up, it would have marked the 7th favorite in a row to Win.

Those willing to simply concede the race to the heavy favorite can still turn a solid profit without just hammering him to Win.

If one has a strong opinion on TIZ THE LAW, they can save money compared to a typical year by keying only him on top and could bet the trifecta five times instead of two to increase profit.

A good return can be had when the result is predictable, but it skyrockets when even one bit of chaos is thrown into the mix.

For example: In 2017, favored ALWAYS DREAMING Won, returning $11.40 for the Win. LOOKIN AT LEE and BATTLE OF MIDWAY decided to spice up the exotic wagers by running 2nd and 3rd at 33-1 and 40-1 odds respectively. Both horses were not prime contenders, but they were not exactly hopeless long-shots with no credentials. That Trifecta, with the favorite Winning, returned an astonishing $16,594 for a $2 bet!

Trifectas seem like the best mixture of Value when compared to the difficulty of a large field, but Exacta and Superfecta wagering can be extremely prosperous as well.

ORB delivered as the mild favorite in the 2013 Kentucky Derby. GOLDEN SOUL, a 34-1 shot, completed the Exacta. The $2 Exacta paid a mind-boggling $981 with the favorite on top.

You could have Keyed ORB on top of the other 18 horses in the race to run 2nd. That would have cost $36 for a $2 bet. Even if the second betting choice ran 2nd, the bet would have netted a profit, but with a big price underneath, the return was huge

In the ALWAYS DREAMING 2017 Derby Win, those that picked the $16,594 Trifecta could have simply added the logical CLASSIC EMPIRE at 6-1 to round out a $151,949 Superfecta for a $2 wager.

Huge upset Winner GIACAMO in the 2005 Derby was on top of a record-breaking $864,254 Superfecta return. 

Even when BIG BROWN and JUSTIFY, two seemingly obvious Winners, captured the Derby in 2008 and 2018, the Superfectas returned $58,738 and $39,237, for each. 

So don’t sit this Derby out because TIZ THE LAW looks too tough. If he Wins, get creative around keying him, as history has shown that a price is likely to run 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

If he loses, well then the floodgates open and opportunities abound.

The Kentucky Derby is September 5th.

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