Saratoga Speak

We are two weeks removed from opening day of the greatest track in America.  So we at DRB will continue with some of the basic definitions in the world of horse racing.  It does not matter how long you have been in the thoroughbred game, you can never stop learning.  Absorb all the knowledge you can.  What may seem meaningless now, will hopefully lodge somewhere in your subconsciousness, and when need be, float to the top of your brain for the “Aha” moment.

Nose:  The smallest advantage a horse can have at the finish line.  “He wins by a nose!”

Objection:  A claim of foul by a rider.  If any other issues arise during a race and a complaint is lodged by someone other than a jockey it is referred to as an Inquiry.

Official:  A racing or track official.  But usually meant as when the tote board displays that the results of any give race are official.  Bettors should never throw away tickets until a race has been deemed official.  There may be objections, inquiries, or photo finishes that need to be sorted out, before payouts are posted.

On The Board:  When a horse finishes in the top three, he is on the board, or “hits the board.”

On The Nose:  Betting a horse to win only.

Overlay:  A horse going off at higher odds than appears warranted, based on past performances.

Pace:  Relative rate of early movement in a race, especially by the lead horse, or pace setter.

Paddock:  Structure or area where horses are saddled and kept prior to walking to the track for post time.

Past Performances:  A compilation of information in the tracks racing program of a horse’s record, including all pertinent data, as a basis for handicapping.

Place:  To finish second in a race.  If you wager on a horse to Place, it must come in first or second in order to cash your ticket.

Post Parade:  Horses going from the paddock area to the starting gate, usually past the stands.

Post Position:  The numbered stall in the starting gate from which a horse starts, or “breaks from”.

Post Time:  The designated time for a race to start.  The first race of the day is usually the only one to go off at the precise time.

Purse:  Prize money of any given race distributed to the owners of the horse(s).

Quarter Pole:  It is a marker (usually on the inside rail) designating one quarter mile to the finish line.

DRB will wrap up our Racing Lingo 101 course before the meet begins at The Spa.  So be sure to stop back, as we gear up for the best six weeks in thoroughbred racing, as Saratoga begins racing on July 20th.



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