Saratoga Race Course

There will always be thoroughbreds that battle back.  That dig in down the home stretch, and find a reserve of power that propels them across the finish line.  These animals remind us of the exhilaration that one gets from giving everything, and pushing to, and possibly beyond ones limit.  These beautiful stallions sate our hunger for something that was once perhaps grand and noble in our lives.

No American racetrack exemplifies this more and also offers a beautiful stage for these majestic animals to showcase their talent(s) than the Racetrack at Saratoga.  The racetrack, as well as the town itself has a sense of place and begets a wonderful nostalgic state of mind.  It’s easy to imagine folks in the 19th century sitting on a porch of one of the grand Victorian houses sipping on a highball prior to sashaying down Union Avenue to the race course to watch  EXTERMINATOR run.  Legendary sports scribe Red Smith once wrote (50 plus years ago) on how to get to Saratoga from New York City;  “You drive 175 miles north, turn left on Union Avenue, and travel back 100 years.”  That quote still has legs.  Probably four.

Saratoga first opened for racing on August 3rd, 1863, so for the 155th year it shall be (and remain) “The August Place To Be”.  Opening day for racing this year is July 20th.  ‘The Spa’ is near and dear to DRB,  so with only 35 days to go, (but who’s counting?) we’ll continue to write about the track, some past races, and this years meet.  So come on back.

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