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I’m prepared to lay it on the line and put de moola where de mouth is, but first….I have mentioned MY BOY JACK here in my last couple of posts, in regard to a certain group of Binghamton southsiders with whom MBJ will be a sentimental favorite for them, and they will wager accordingly.  I am also aware that they gathered at the grave of EXTERMINATOR this evening, and under ominous clouds when the chips were tossed toward the headstone of “Old Bones” the #10 chip was closest to the stone.  That said, at 10:20 EST the 30-1 morning line MY BOY JACK is now 5-1 !  So be aware that the Swat Sullivan’s alumni have now made MBJ the ‘wise-guy’ horse of the 2018 KD.

I happen to think this version of the KD is wide open.  Much talent, but anyone’s race to win.  So I’ve taken to looking at all the entrants from a different angle.  With twenty horses breaking from the gate it is madness, anything can happen, and sometimes the best horse in the race does not win.  This is a good race to bet your birthday numbers, your children’s birthday numbers, zip code, area code.  You get the idea.  Because if you were born on, say April 15, and you don’t do a 4-15 exacta box, and it comes in that way, you’ll kick yourself to the couch.  And I will certainly make those kind of bets, but….

The handicapper in me looks for other things.  Now I could explain to you the dosage index and duel qualifiers (blood voo-doo, as some refer to it) and born on dates (not quite like beer) the curse of APOLLO, and European shippers, but you probably don’t care.  That said, I like:  BOLT d’ORO (9-1) and GOOD MAGIC(8-1) to win.  Underneath in exotic bets I’ll use JUSTIFY, HOFBURG, and VINO ROSSO.  Of course I will flat bet MY BOY JACK to Win and NOBLE INDY as well as ENTICED to Win and Place.  Have a great time tomorrow, best of luck to all, and safe trip for the jockeys.

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