At The Window

Okay, you’ve decided which horse(s) you like in any given race, how do you place that bet ?  Once you’re at the betting window it’s 4 simple steps.

1.  State the track and race number you’d like to bet.

2.  Say the amount of your wager.

3.  Describe the type of wager you’d like to make.

4.  Say the number of the horse or horses involved in your wager.

A Win Bet for example;  “Saratoga, race 5, two dollars to Win, on the 3.”

Exacta Bet;  “Belmont, race 2, a dollar exacta box, 5-1-3.”

Daily Double;  “Churchill, race 1, a two dollar double, the 1 & 3 with the 5.”

It’s just that simple.  When I go to the track I’m old school and like to make the trip to the betting window.  But most tracks now offer betting terminals where you insert cash or a voucher and can make the same type(s) of wagers.  The process will be the same though.  The first page you’ll have a choice of tracks to choose from.  Touch on the track you want, and then pick the race, dollar amount, and type of wager.  Hit finish and the machine will spit out your betting slip and voucher with your remaining balance.


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