Kentucky Derby Prep Races

Every week from now up until mid-April there are races considered Kentucky Derby (KD) preparation races.  These designated races along with the prize money, award points for the horses running 1st through 4th.  These points are toward entry into The Run For The Roses.  For instance yesterday was the Tampa Bay Derby which had 50 points for first place, 20 for second, 10 for third, and 5 for fourth.  Horses can run in more than one prep race provided the scheduled races give the animals enough rest and recovery from previous races.  Then at the end of the ‘prep season’ the horses with the highest point totals can be nominated to run on the first Saturday in May.

So each week I’ll take a look at a featured prep race.  This week (March 17) is The Rebel Stakes which is run at Oaklawn Park Race Track, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  So check back here on Saturday, and maybe with some Saint Patrick’s Day luck I’ll give out some winners.

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